Rosemania 4:2 – Rosemania评Jedi Smooch

I got an EP III London premiere video from Ewan McGregor’s OFFICIAL site today. It is 14m crystally clear and says everything about the kiss between the jedi. The video is about 6’30 mins long and the kiss occurs at about 4’30. We can clearly see that it was Ewan who started it. The smooch is very like a Italian Mafia one: an 1/10 sec short touch on the mouth, and then on both cheeks with long hug. These kind of a smooch is very regular in South Europe: Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal. It also conducted by some Gaelic people like Norge and Suomii, but not that famous. Concerning that Ewan is Schotch, I find it very reasonable.

If you still insist that it was more than a simple warm kiss, then by your logic I must say that it cannot conclude the point to which they jedi pals are gay lovers, and the reason is simple: It is too intimate to be true. The whole plot makes me believe that it could only be an attention-attractor and the boys are trying to make a sell of the movie, just like Sophie Marceau’s boob incident in Cannes.

Recommend you 8-Ladies to download it at: Do not try to convince me with a gif next time hehehe. And p.s., the video did features some other interesting stuff about Duuko, the Emperor, R2, 3PO, Chewie and George Lucas.

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