My photo is published as Fodor’s book cover

9780804142021_p0_v1_s260x420My photo of the Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park is featured on the cover of Fodor’s The Complete Guide to the National Parks of the West! :DDD

And here is the original photo on Flickr. In order to reach the higher ground to snap this shot we had to climb up to an “off limit” little hill. I remembered the hike was quite fun and exciting, and it definitely pays off as well.

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Heaven is forever your stage

这么说吧, 如果不是在1995年听了您的Dangerous 保不齐, 我的偶像会是周渝民, 谢霆峰, 赵薇如果您没跳出那样的Thriller 现在我很可能是在五道口上网 是您给我种下了梦的种子 如果有机会, 我情愿让您娈 Michael Jackson老师, 天国是您永远的舞台

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今天是Memorial Weekend Friday, 现在是晚上7点半. 我坐定在这里, 写影评. 这就叫: 闲得蛋疼. 此List为rosemania 2009/1/1 – 5/22观影小结 The Hudsucker Proxy / 影子大亨 / 金钱帝国: Hollywood ★★★★, Tim Robbins发明了呼啦圈, 仿古风格很漂亮, 美女口音奇特 From Hell / 开膛手杰克 / 来自地狱: Hollywood ★★★★, Johnny Depp大战开膛手杰克, 卤煮火烧对此片亦有贡献 Fanboys / 星战迷友: Hollywood ★★, Leia不穿golden bikini穿护士服啥样? Yes Man / 好好先生 / 应声虫: Hollywood ★★★, 我也会唱Can’t buy me love, […]

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