autumn fairyland, originally uploaded by Cåsbr. Corvallis, Oregon is a gorgeous little town in spring, summer and autumn, but above all autumn times. Every late November one of the mundane paths through an unnamed park turns into a symphony of light, color, happy kids and exciting puppies for about a week. The elms put on […]

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Our Home

This is our world. This is our home. Earth. Click this link for the uber-high 21,600 x 10,800 resolution image of our home base (which is 19MB large, clicker beware). The photo was made possible through NASA’s impressive effort, NASA Visible Earth, famously known as the Blue Marble. And if you are a statistics/spatial geek […]

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在我家边上超市Fred Meyer的停车场里 看到一辆 Rolls Royce Phantom 这是我来米国看到的最贵的车了 在NYC, LA, DC都没见过 结果在我家边上碰上了 原来开Rolls Royce的人也不能只吃金锭

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