My photo is published as Fodor’s book cover

9780804142021_p0_v1_s260x420My photo of the Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park is featured on the cover of Fodor’s The Complete Guide to the National Parks of the West! :DDD

And here is the original photo on Flickr. In order to reach the higher ground to snap this shot we had to climb up to an “off limit” little hill. I remembered the hike was quite fun and exciting, and it definitely pays off as well.

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Itty Bitty Vanity

Getty Images has offered millions of its high quality, professionally taken photos for non-commercial use, FREE of charge. This means your websites and blogs can now feature amazing photos like, for example, this one, by me! 🙂 And while you are here, check out my new 500px portfolio.

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显摆 II

又有片子发表啦, 而且是整页! 哈哈! 自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋自恋ing! 他们排版的把我名字印错了:( 但是自我介绍好歹是对的, 也凑合了. 画册大图 照片原图: zabar’s – all the cheeses 附: 显摆 I

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处Heather Canyon

今天在Mt Hood, 终于踏入了传说中的 Heather Canyon! 在Gust wind 40mph和能见度奇低的情况下, 毫无悬念的迷路了! 最后扛着板子, 花了将近一个小时才Hike出来 感觉跟去了趟某峰大本营似的 果然名不虚传! ! ! 人生终于又完整了一砣 特此留念. 附: Heather Canyon, 本来应该是这样: 今天是这样:

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