Istanbul is both light and heavy. She weighs but a feather of the albatross who effortlessly glides from Anatolia to Europe. She beats in wrestling ring all the heavyweights, come sultans and czars.

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Palazzo Vecchio

a reminder of the golden age, originally uploaded by Cåsver. No art trip to Europe is complete without a visit to Florence. Pictured here is the first courtyard of Palazzo Vecchio (Old Palace) with the sculpture Putto with Dolphin by Andrea del Verrocchio (1476). A perfect example of the zenith of high renaissance art, the […]

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Filopappos Hill

athens – above the aegean sea, originally uploaded by Chez Cåsver. The lusciously pine-covered Filopappos Hill in the center of Athens has long become a favorite gathering place among the Athenians. It is also known as the “Hill of Muses”. Together with the Acropolis and Lykavittos Hill, they offer some precious green havens from the […]

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Acropolis by Night

parthenon and erechtheum, originally uploaded by Chez Cåsver. The immortal symbol of Greece and democracy, pinnacle of architecture and art. It is still like a dream too good to be true: Never could I made believe that I have seen the Parthenon and Erechtheum on the Acropolis of Athens with my own eyes!

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