who am i

My name is Xuan Che. I am a statistician, photographer, Lindy Hopper and snowboarder. I would like to think myself artistic, but hold maths degrees instead.

This blog started as a side project in 2005. In September 2010 the WordPress blog was merged with the then defunct MSN Live Spaces.

The blog was focusing on my travel in and around Africa, when I was working in Ethiopia between 2015 and 2018. I am now living in New York City with my pet giraffe, George.


6 thoughts on “who am i

  1. Dear Xuan,
    I hope you are well. I am writing from Afar Magazine in San Francisco because we would love to use your shot of “Class time in Kumbum Monastery” in our next issue. Please let me know if this is the place 17 miles outside Xining..
    I am looking to obtain the high res as soon as possible. I can offer you $75.00, page credit, and a few issues when we publish. Please let me know if your interested as soon as you’re able. THanks so much! its a great shot.

    My best,
    Tara Guertin
    Afar Magazine

  2. Dear Xuan Che,
    I would like to use your beautiful image of the Euthydikos Kore (in the Acropolis Museum) in a book to be published next year by the Ohio State University Press called The Real Life of the Parthenon. I have downloaded the image from flickr, but I need your permission, and also how you’d like the credit line worded. Please let me know as soon as you can.
    Many thanks,
    Patricia Vigderman

    1. Hello Patricia! Of course I’d love to have my photo used in your new book. Please credit me as Xuan Che. Is it possible if you can arrange to send a book to me? It always give me the thrill to see my photos are printed in real paper. Please let me know how I can reach out to you and send my address. Ciao! ~ Xuan

  3. Dear Xuan,
    I’m delighted! Of course I’ll send you a book when it comes out. You can send your address to me at this e-mail address (vigdermanp@kenyon.edu). I believe the date on your photograph is 2011–is that correct? So I’ll use the credit line: Photo Xuan Che, 2011.
    Many thanks,

  4. Dear Xuan Che,
    I would like to use your image of the Dying Gaul in a journal article to hopefully be published, in the coming months, by the journal Philomathes. I downloaded the image from flickr, however I need your permission. If you are willing, how would you like to be credited for the photo. Let me know as soon as you can.
    Thank you,
    Kyle Cleveland

    1. Hi Kyle, I am glad my photo can be helpful for your publication. Please credit me as Xuan Che. And send me a link of the article once it’s published, I’d love to read about it! – Xuan

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