First Impression Addis Ababa

Today is my first day in Addis Ababa. My flight landed 1 AM in the morning, and after unboarding the first welcome was – queues after queues. Ebola screening #1 and #2, visa, money exchange, custom and immigration. Ethiopians and European travelers alike also seemed to forget altogether there’s a thing called wait in lines. […]

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autumn fairyland, originally uploaded by Cåsbr. Corvallis, Oregon is a gorgeous little town in spring, summer and autumn, but above all autumn times. Every late November one of the mundane paths through an unnamed park turns into a symphony of light, color, happy kids and exciting puppies for about a week. The elms put on […]

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The City of Angels

los angeles, 2012, originally uploaded by Cåsbr. The City of Angels in Two Thousands and Twelve. Not much has changed from the good ol’days after the Mayan Armageddon. I have always been fascinated with the photochrom effects and have tried to mimic them in post-processing numerous times. The skill has obviously not been perfected, but […]

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Palazzo Vecchio

a reminder of the golden age, originally uploaded by Cåsver. No art trip to Europe is complete without a visit to Florence. Pictured here is the first courtyard of Palazzo Vecchio (Old Palace) with the sculpture Putto with Dolphin by Andrea del Verrocchio (1476). A perfect example of the zenith of high renaissance art, the […]

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Filopappos Hill

athens – above the aegean sea, originally uploaded by Chez Cåsver. The lusciously pine-covered Filopappos Hill in the center of Athens has long become a favorite gathering place among the Athenians. It is also known as the “Hill of Muses”. Together with the Acropolis and Lykavittos Hill, they offer some precious green havens from the […]

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