Thesis in the Air

thesis cloud

A word cloud of my Ph.D. thesis: Spatial Graphical Model with Discrete and Continuous Components, created by

It’s very cool that the site natively delivers 30+ different fonts, 14+ color palettes, and many layout options. You can also create your own palette. It basically allows infinite permutations for the look and feel of the cloud. The font I used is “Powell Antique”, and color palette “Firenze”.

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En Route in Gannan

untitled, originally uploaded by Xuan Rosemanios. I don’t know why I adore this frame. It’s out of focus, heavily scratched, through a dirty minibus window. I was soaking wet and felt terribly awful. Doesn’t matter. It’s still the best memoir for me, reminds me of Iceland, of Sigur Rós, of my dearest friends, of that […]

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Three Words for Mexico

this is Cancun!, originally uploaded by pinnymu. You never saw a beach until you see it, you never felt a breeze until you feel it. Wish the fanciest imagination and expectation, I can only say that Cancun is better than it. The only bad thing that can happen in Cancun is, you are going to […]

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