Milarepa Monastery

milarepa monastery, originally uploaded by Xuan Rosemanios. Milarepa is one of the largest Kagyupa (the White School, Tibetan: བཀའ་བརྒྱུད) monasteries in Tibet. Kagyupa is among the four main disciplines of Tibetan buddhism, the other three being Gelugpa (Yellow School), Nyingmapa (Red School) and Sakyapa (Flower School). The namesake of the monastery, Jetsun Milarepa c. 1052 […]

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En Route in Gannan

untitled, originally uploaded by Xuan Rosemanios. I don’t know why I adore this frame. It’s out of focus, heavily scratched, through a dirty minibus window. I was soaking wet and felt terribly awful. Doesn’t matter. It’s still the best memoir for me, reminds me of Iceland, of Sigur Rós, of my dearest friends, of that […]

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It’s Breakfast Time in Langmusi

good morning langmusi, originally uploaded by Xuan Rosemanios. It was seven in the morning, and the town was gradually indulged into the breakfast smoke. The stupa in the middle is Kirti Monastery, and the little green tower to the left belongs to a mosque. Beyond lies the holy mountain and holy forest. Langmusi (Tatsang Lhamo […]

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2004年8月,在甘南藏區郎木寺鎮,娜拉桑和她的姊妹接受我們的轟炸。 rosemania說:小孩子的做作是他們最真實的張揚。 怀念那些自由日子,在陽光下野花毯子上乱跑,向任意的方向; 怀念那个夏天,雖然没有翅膀,但感觉分明就是在飛。 所有人可以作見証,那時我們還年輕; 那樣的笑臉和追逐,是佛陀蓮花上的晶瑩水珠。

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