Summers & Winters of Italy

Rome is in the summer. She always embraces me with her full heat. The pine lined boulevard and eternal monuments, dry aqueducts, melting gelato, thieves reaching into pockets, loud street sellers, Romans and Tiber make the city living in a constant summer even in the spring. In the Circo Massimo area where I was staying this time, the street is clean and wide, the flag flies high, and the view towards the Palatine Hill and Piramide are naturally breathtaking.

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Trevi Fountain

the age of magistic, originally uploaded by Chez Cåsver. The Trevi Fountain in Rome is the largest Baroque fountain and probably one of the most famous in the world, as it was crowned by films such as “La Dolce Vita” by Federico Fellini, and “Roman Holiday” starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck.

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Piazza Navona

piazza navona – in love with rome, originally uploaded by Chez Cåsver. As the sun summed up the day and dusk started to fall, I finally found my way out of the interwoven sleepy streets, and without any fanfare stepped into the square of cheers, joys and extravaganza. Suddenly my eyes kindled, and my heart […]

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Foro Romano

rome was not built in one day, originally uploaded by Chez Cåsver. Commanding a view from the Palatine Hill to the Capitoline Hill and Roman Forum, what in front of the eyes could very possibly be the densiest concentration of history and civilization known to mankind. This is the navel of Rome, the central playground […]

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