Black Friday Exorcist

SO I went with a bunch of Chinese friends to Portland on Friday. You should know how hard for me to wake up @ 7am, but when we got Best Buy and Circuit City, Salem. The flock of early bird has long gone leaving only crazy expensive ugly useless no rebates stuff for us. An USB cable sells for $29.99? Are you insane? I can got one for like $0.5!

SO we kept on driving and driving and driving and driving in the pouring rain until we finally got off I-5 and entered a town. Are we back home? No, because somebody told me it is Portland. Where is the downtown? Where is Columbia River? There is no such things, said our all mighty geographic know-all. Out of nowhere we parked and eating at a "Chinese" restaurant. I would rather prefer making hot dog at home than driving 2 hours here. No main dishes, just a couple of little Cantonese cuisines served in incredibly fancy tiny plates feeding 6 hungry bears. I had to devour 3 whole hotdogs after home because I don’t feel like I ate at all.

SO the Woodburn is the last and biggest bummer for my miserable day. No size for jeans, no room for fitting my shoes. If it is not because there are too many random-wandered shoppers there I would mostly killed myself then.

SO in sum it is a ugly city and boring trip. I would never come like this again.

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