Winterbreak Dec 14th – Dec 19th

By courtesy of wwyjedi, I am now staying in his living room. The beginning part of my break is kinda cool. But the flights are a pain in the xxx truly. I stayed in PDX for the whole night, and took a 6hrs flight (via Chicago) to finally reach Detroit. There someone picks me up, drives about 1/2 hr to Ann Arbor.

The next following days I mostly remained in the living room of wwy’s, because the snow is so heavy and annoying. But still there are sometime that the snow stopped and we can go out for like one or two hours having a little fun.

I know that all the bigpigs are back to China, even eating WGCW right now. It makes me very sad. Hope you guys have fun and bring some back to us.

10 thoughts on “Winterbreak Dec 14th – Dec 19th

  1. Hey Xuan,I hope you are enjoying your vacation. I am in Sun River (near Bend) with my wife’s family. We are in an awesome 7 bedroom home until the 26th. I hope you’re enjoying the cold in Michigan. Ali would freeze to death there. Talk to you later.Travis

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