Talking about I am a Ford Mustang!

5 thoughts on “Talking about I am a Ford Mustang!

  1. You appreciate the finer things in life.  You have a split personality – wild or conservative, depending on your mood.  Wherever you go, you like to travel first class.  Luxury, style, and fun – who could ask for more?

  2. 天啊,知音。我特别喜欢这两位的作品,可能偏向howe多一些,不过他们的风格实在是棒。我的古堡画廊里就有他们的网站链接,常常上去看看,搜罗一番。你也喜欢太好了,大喊一声吾道不孤!因为国内喜欢他们的年轻人实在不多。

  3. You are a Ferrari 360 Modena!
    You’ve got it all.  Power, passion, precision, and style.  You’re sensuous, exotic, and temperamental.  Sure, you’re expensive and high-maintenance, but you’re worth it.
    such a clever test~
    I am the right person crazy for Ferrari

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