Snow in the Quad Whoohoo!!!

周四下午四時整,天降大雪于俄勒岡州立MU草坪,單板之高手盡將云集,朋克聲浪響徹夜空高唱:Heaven really is a halfpipe!!!

Feel like playing in the Snow this Thurs? Come watch some pros throw down in your very own MU QUAD. Ski and Snowboard competition!!!

Live Bands include Stairway Denied, Broadway Calls and The Agenda.

Tons of vendors giving out prizes including: Timberline, Burton, Dell, Allyance Outerwear, Quick Silver, Roxy, One Mountain Clothing, One Ball Jay, Exit Real World, Dakine, Snowboard Magazine, Option, Salomon, 686, Giro Helmets…

Vendors from Noon on, Music from 2 on, First Ride at 4:00pm and Competition Begins @ 5:25pm, live concert till late evening.

This event is open to the public. Sorry, but riders are invite only.

[Official Site]

3 thoughts on “Snow in the Quad Whoohoo!!!

  1. 大猪最近是不是春风得意?在我每个blog项下都要踩一猪蹄,哼!大猪不要太猖狂!:P

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