Debre Damo, Monastery in the Sky

I have always wanted to visit Debre Damo since I first saw it in the Pilot Guides Ethiopia episode about 10 years ago. It is an old, secluded church deep in the north of Ethiopia, in the Tigray region bordering Eritrea. Debre Damo sits atop a table mountain, and the only way to access is by scaling a 50 feet sheer cliff with nothing but leather ropes wrapped around you. Built in the 6th century, and accessible by men and male animals only, it is one the oldest and most remote churches in the world.


The monastery itself is an architectural jewel. One of the best preserved Axumite buildings survived to dates, it is made of stone wall, granite pillars and wood beams, a style faithfully depicted on the Axum Obelisk and Lalibela rock-hewn churches as well.


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