Alaska – A Winter Wonderland

Words are at lost when attempting to describe Alaska, the land to the North. I flew to Fairbanks, in hopes to witness the northern light, or Aurora Borealis. But as I found out, the land beneath the dark sky is as enchanting as the night lights. The water, hills, animals, and people of Fairbanks all contribute to the magic of this winter wonderland.

After three nights, I finally caught a glimpse at the elusive aurora borealis! Although it was so dim and nearly invisible to naked eyes. Long-exposure photos were the only way to capture them!
Mushing with these Alaskan huskies into the sunset, is truly a magical experience.
A good boy!
SOBA, an amazing Moldovan restaurant in Fairbanks. Here, we had Peste Prajit (pan-fried Alaskan salmon dipped in corn flour) to the left, and on the right, Mămăligă, Moldova’s national dish of stewed pork. Everything was so delicious!
The light of the sunrise at 11am, December in Fairbanks, Alaska
Moon set over the mountains. This was at about 10am.
The unfrozen Chena River in the downtown Pioneer Park, with a winter wonderland scene by its bank.
Ice Museum and Bar at the Chena Hot Springs. The Appletini from an ice glass was cold and strong!
Happily dipping into the Chena Hot Springs, while the outside temperature is -20C/-4F and the hot spring water discharge is at a whopping 74C/165F.

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