She Sells Seashells by the Seashore in Seychelles

I feel really lucky and grateful living in Africa (sometime). On a weekend, I can take a 3.5 hours direct flight from Ethiopia to the Seychelles, and spend two whole days on the empty beach, snorkeling, drinking coconut, eating grill fish, and lazing around. The tiny Indian Ocean island country is truly a quiet, hidden paradise, […]

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Beach Day

the best seats in paradise, originally uploaded by Cåsver. A beach. A perfectly sunny beach. A perfectly sunny beach 3 miles long. A perfectly sunny beach 3 miles long and pretty much to your own. A perfectly sunny beach 3 miles long and pretty much to your own, in Maui. A perfectly sunny beach 3 […]

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Sunset at Big Island, Hawaii

hawaii – big island, originally uploaded by rosemanios. There was one time we parked our car and stood on the slope of Kīlauea volcano on Big Island, Hawai’i looked into the Pacific Ocean, and then my jaw just dropped. Yet another unbelievable magic show the nature has conducted, and it’s the most splendid sunset I’ve […]

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Waikiki Beach

give me some sunshine!, originally uploaded by rosemanios. I didn’t know that surfing was that hard, snowboarding is much more easier. After two days worth of struggling in the water I still couldn’t barely stand on the board. And that’s not my fault, as you can clearly see there’s not much of a wave at […]

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Three Words for Mexico

this is Cancun!, originally uploaded by pinnymu. You never saw a beach until you see it, you never felt a breeze until you feel it. Wish the fanciest imagination and expectation, I can only say that Cancun is better than it. The only bad thing that can happen in Cancun is, you are going to […]

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