She Sells Seashells by the Seashore in Seychelles

I feel really lucky and grateful living in Africa (sometime). On a weekend, I can take a 3.5 hours direct flight from Ethiopia to the Seychelles, and spend two whole days on the empty beach, snorkeling, drinking coconut, eating grill fish, and lazing around. The tiny Indian Ocean island country is truly a quiet, hidden paradise, with some of the most gorgeous beaches, water and fish you’ll find anywhere. We stayed in Le Méridien Fisherman’s Cove, in Victoria Mahé, one of the smallest capitals in the world. Everything was perfect, and I even saw a manta ray while swimming around!

Seychelles is not a budget destination for travelers, but TIA, LOL, YOLO.

Crystal water, empty beach at Mahé Island.
Coconut on the tree!
Coconut on our table!
Sunset Beach

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