Les promenades, Île-de-France à Île de Gorée

En résumé, Dakar est plus incroyable que Paris. J’ai toujours espère visiter de Paris depuis 14 ans. En 2018, j’ai une chance enfin rester dans la ville lumière pour une semaine. Mon conclusion: Paris, c’est malheureux. J’ai visité les plus des musées et les monuments célèbres. Mais, chacun des monuments avait une grande foule de […]

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Summers & Winters of Italy

Rome is in the summer. She always embraces me with her full heat. The pine lined boulevard and eternal monuments, dry aqueducts, melting gelato, thieves reaching into pockets, loud street sellers, Romans and Tiber make the city living in a constant summer even in the spring. In the Circo Massimo area where I was staying this time, the street is clean and wide, the flag flies high, and the view towards the Palatine Hill and Piramide are naturally breathtaking.

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A Summer of Midnight Sun

About three months ago, in July 2015, I set out to climb a small hill in Norway. The journey started with a flight to Sweden, followed by a meet-up in Stockholm and city walking tour with a good friend, two more flights to Norway, a four hour ferry ride, two hour of hiking, six hours […]

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The sun There is no better travel companion than the Mediterranean sun. It sets after 9 in early May. Days are long, warm and filled with energy.

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