The sun

There is no better travel companion than the Mediterranean sun. It sets after 9 in early May. Days are long, warm and filled with energy.

The fish

I tried Paella for the first time, and then the second and third. The best is from this no-name little restaurant in a no-name little town on Costa Brava.

The genius

Antoni Gaudí’s architectures (Sagrada Familia, Casa Batllo, Park Güell) are beyond impressive. They are living and breathing jungles and giant salamanders made of steel and concrete.

The game

Camp Nou, FC Barcelona’s home stadium, is huge. Huge, and quiet. Seeing Messi playing live is cool. He didn’t score, but did Neymar and Pedro. My first professional football experience ended with a delightful 2:0.

The hospital

One of our travel companions fell and fractured her shoulder. Luckily, Spanish doctors came for the swift rescue!

Barcelona skyline from Park Güell
La Pedrera

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