Rosemania Goes Back to the Rec Center

Say goodbye to the plump, stout, overweight, large, chubby, portly, flabby, paunchy, potbellied, beer-bellied, meaty, heavyset; obese, corpulent, fleshy, gross, big-boned, tubby, roly-poly, well-upholstered, beefy, porky, blubbery, chunky, pudgy, feeble, delicate, fragile, infirm, sick, debilitated, incapacitated, ailing, indisposed, decrepit; tired, fatigued, exhausted, anemic, weak, fat-ass Rosemania!

Today I go to the rec center for the first time this quarter and had 0.8 mile freestyle, 2 miles running, several pull-ups and equipments. It feels really right and I have made a resolution of exercising at least once every two days. Soon a new Arnoldschwarzeneggerosemania machine will rise! Whoahahahahahaha.

10 thoughts on “Rosemania Goes Back to the Rec Center

  1. -Thanks dude. U2.-你们这些家伙不许骂人!-你是我的榜样。-好啊,随时奉陪:)-Bless U.

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