New Aether Coming Out!

Osprey has just release their new Aether series this week! The old light-weighted series are Aether 90/75/60, now they have reduced it to 85/70/60. Osprey boasts the new features as:

“If you like your pack streamlined, but enjoy bringing those creature comforts along, the Aether 85 is the pack for you. An ideal size for the majority of backpackers, the Aether 70 will carry what you need – whatever your favorite adventure. IsoForm harness in multiple sizes and gender specific cuts features spacer mesh surface with no sewn seams for superb comfort and contoured fit. IsoForm CM™ Hipbelts provide custom, heat molded fit in multiple sizes and gender specific cuts.”

The old Aether 75 is exactly the ONE pack that I am following closely in the market. Moosejaw sold it at a great deal of $163, but I do not have enough cash back then… Now the regular price is around $199-$235. I don’t know how much the new ones would cost, but there will definately be a big sale for the old styles, and that’s the time for me! Whooohhahahahahaha…

But another question is, the new one comes with new feature and 5L smaller: 70 is perfect for me. Also it comes in new color. Which one do you guys prefer, the blue (old) one or the sxxx yellow (new) one? I need help please…

2 thoughts on “New Aether Coming Out!

  1. Good luck on your resolution to work out.  🙂  I know I’m just over a
    day early, but I wanted to be the first to wish you a happy new year. 
    Try not to get too crazy this weekend.

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