Super Bowl TV Commercials

For those who went to pee-pee, vending maching, snack bar, or hot shower (me! How stupid! I went to shower after the Rolling Stone show and came back after Steelers’ 2nd TD! Motherxxxxxx…! ) during the break, and missed some of the TV commercials of Super Bowl, here’s a set of all for you!

And you can even download them as iPod movies! So please, sit back, enjoy and think of Rosemania’s good big time!


7 thoughts on “Super Bowl TV Commercials

  1. 本来还打算看的,不过C5没播,但反正也没我家爱国者,算了

  2. I love the FedEx caveman one soooo much. It makes me convert to UPS to FedEx even! I know I am naive but it is just soooo cool.

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