Five Words in Mexico

over uxmal, originally uploaded by rosemanios. The visits to the highlight of Mexico – the great Maya sites were first merely a moo trip. Tulum was okay but Chichen Izta was like a bad dream. We waited in the line at the ticket booth for 2 hours and my film was confisticated because I climbed […]

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Four Words in Mexico

glory, originally uploaded by rosemanios. The most satisfied photo by far. I consider this as my best shot: it was taken in Cholula, a small town about 10 miles east of the metropolis of Puebla, Mexico. The city is famous for its Grand Pyramid – the biggest pyramid men have ever built on this planet. […]

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Three Words for Mexico

this is Cancun!, originally uploaded by pinnymu. You never saw a beach until you see it, you never felt a breeze until you feel it. Wish the fanciest imagination and expectation, I can only say that Cancun is better than it. The only bad thing that can happen in Cancun is, you are going to […]

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Two Words for Mexico

palacio national, originally uploaded by rosemanios. A journey is always packed with anticipation, food, backpacks, dirty tevas, digital cameras, tiredness, excitement, losting, satisfaction and dust, but for some very rare occasions you would also feel moving. I just had such a moment in Mexico City. It was at the presidential house of Mexico, Palacio National. […]

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One Word for Mexico

four hot hats in Zocalo of Mexico City, originally uploaded by wwyjedi. If there is one word to describe Mexico, that would certainly be: FIESTA. The country is in a permanant fiesta forever: all the cities, villages, people, musics, dances, churches, beaches, bars, night clubs, food stands, jungle ruins… The fiesta takes place everywhere. Everybody […]

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