Five Words in Mexico

over uxmal, originally uploaded by rosemanios.

The visits to the highlight of Mexico – the great Maya sites were first merely a moo trip. Tulum was okay but Chichen Izta was like a bad dream. We waited in the line at the ticket booth for 2 hours and my film was confisticated because I climbed up to a pyramid.

Those were just trivial. The biggest issue is of course the tourists. Everywhere around left right in front of behind over under some ruins were toursits carrying camera and camcorders. There were no word for peace or ancient at all.I though I would never find a quiet site to experience the true Mayan feeling, I was almos gave up.

My last stop is Uxmal, and I expected the same crowd waited for me. I was wrong. Uxmal embraced in the deep jungle, and the pyramides stood without a word. When the sun went down to the west, it gives the site some magnificance which is hard to explain. Suddenly I heard the jungle started to sing the tale of the gods, and the world listened. It is the Maya in my dream.


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