Four Words in Mexico

glory, originally uploaded by rosemanios.

The most satisfied photo by far.

I consider this as my best shot: it was taken in Cholula, a small town about 10 miles east of the metropolis of Puebla, Mexico. The city is famous for its Grand Pyramid – the biggest pyramid men have ever built on this planet. It size even dwarfs those in Egypt.

Besides the pyramid, I found the town itself turns out to be very interesting – clean, colorful, lively, and well organized just as the most small Mexican towns I visited along the way. Although far away from the coast, it gives me a Caribbean-like feeling.

What you see on the photo was actually a busy street. I was first fascinated by the shabby house across the street and wait for a moment to shoot when there was no car running through. After a couple of minutes of wait the cars suddenly disappeared and one bike boy came out of nowhere. I feel so lucky to capture this moment. The light was just perfect too. I am very satisfied with this photo and take it to be the best photo in my Mexico journey, or maybe even in the whole flickr photostream of mine.


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