Kashgar Sunday Bazaar

kashgar sunday bazaar, originally uploaded by Xuan Rosemaninovich.

Somebody came up with a good idea to utilize the empty plaza in front of the Bazaar. Sunshine and open space should not be wasted!

The Kashgar Grand Bazaar is the place to go exotic shopping. It sells everything: food, clothes, spices, tools, sheep and cows, motorcycles, houses, Michael Jackson CDs jewelry, legal or maybe not so, you name it. They also have barbers, dentists and herbal doctors stationed here. For people living around this part of the world, the Kasgar Bazaar is the best and sometimes the only place to go shopping. Every Sunday, tens of thousands of sellers, buyers and travelers pour in, some of them traveled as far as 500 miles to this carnivalesque gathering. And once per week this dome market feels like the happiest, livest place in the world.

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