Muztagh Ata and Lake Karakol

Muztagh Ata, also known as the “Father of Ice Peaks”, rises above the Pamir Plateau at 7,546m or 24,757ft. It is the easiest to climb mountain over 7,000m, thanks to the gradual slopes, and you can even skiing or snowboarding right from the summit all the way down to the base camp, almost 10,000ft of vertical drop! Imagine that!

The Pamir is formed by the junction of the Himalayas, Karakoram, Kunlun, Tian Shan, and the Hindu Kush ranges, therefore offers some of the most spectacular landscape and mountaineering challenges of the planet. Beautiful Lake Karakol (The Black Lake in Krygyz) sits beside the Karakoram Highway, linking Islamabad of Pakistan to Kashgar of China.

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