Istanbul is both light and heavy. She weighs but a feather of the albatross who effortlessly glides from Anatolia to Europe. She beats in wrestling ring all the heavyweights, come sultans and czars.

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Kashgar Roses

kashgar roses, originally uploaded by Xuan Rosemaninovich. On one of the narrow alleys of the labyrinth known as Kashgar old town, two young girls in red dresses appeared from one of the identical mud-brick houses. All of a sudden the thousands years old street and the whole city was painted with rhythm of the poems […]

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Kashgar Abandoned Garden

kashgar garden, originally uploaded by Xuan Rosemaninovich. An abandoned palace-like garden near my hotel. With the pond, fountain and terraces it must have been a happy place. I tried to ask the locals which was this place, but none speaks Chinese and I don’t understand any Uyghur…

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Muztagh Ata and Lake Karakol

karakoram highway – muztagh ata and lake karakol, originally uploaded by Xuan Rosemaninovich. Muztagh Ata, also known as the “Father of Ice Peaks”, rises above the Pamir Plateau at 7,546m or 24,757ft. It is the easiest to climb mountain over 7,000m, thanks to the gradual slopes, and you can even skiing or snowboarding right from […]

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Kashgar Sunday Bazaar

kashgar sunday bazaar, originally uploaded by Xuan Rosemaninovich. Somebody came up with a good idea to utilize the empty plaza in front of the Bazaar. Sunshine and open space should not be wasted! The Kashgar Grand Bazaar is the place to go exotic shopping. It sells everything: food, clothes, spices, tools, sheep and cows, motorcycles, […]

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